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Retirement Plans for Employers

To learn more about how we partner with businesses please contact our dedicated Retirement Plan Consultant, Drew Hefflefinger, CFP®, at or by phone at (603) 816-3404.

Financially Strong Families, Financially Strong Businesses

Acorn Financial’s vision is a financially educated world. Our mission is to bring impactful financial education to our community through our governance and leadership in company retirement plans. By offering a compelling benefit on behalf of the employer, we believe financially strong families create financially strong businesses.

How Acorn Partners with Businesses

Acting as an extension of the business's human resource department, our job is to manage the day-to-day operations of the retirement plan so management and staff can focus on business goals. We accomplish this by being experts in the following disciplines:

  • Plan Governance: Strong governance reduces fiduciary risk, streamlines responsibilities, and reduces mistakes. By leading your committee structure, detailing fiduciary responsibility, and clearly outlining roles, your plan stands in a strong position to succeed.
  • Retirement Plan Design: Every business is unique. When we start working with businesses we seek to understand the goals of ownership, employees, and the critical components that make the business unique. Only then can we design a compelling benefit that meets the business's needs.
  • Fiduciary Oversight: We are dedicated to the retirement plan business. Our team is well versed in ERISA and are continually monitoring new developments out of Washington. We look forward to helping businesses be aware of their risks so we can protect them best.
  • Employee Education: A cornerstone of our service, we are passionate about helping people make smart and informed financial decisions. We provide financial education in a variety of mediums that enable participants to access information in their style and at their pace.
  • Investment Consultation: Harnessing a combined 50 years of investment management experience, Acorn is committed to providing flexible, cost effective investment solutions.
  • Vendor Search and Benchmarking: To operate a successful plan takes a team. As dedicated experts, we assess which vendors are best fit for the business and plan goals. Through careful selection we often find increased efficiencies at the service level.

To learn more about how we partner with businesses please contact our dedicated Retirement Plan Consultant, Drew Hefflefinger, CFP®, at or by phone at (603) 816-3404.

Are we a good fit?

What makes our firm unique is our work in plan design, vendor selection, and employee education. We leverage the discovery process to develop a plan and service model that works best for the business's needs and limitations.

Below are examples of two different business models. In each example we can see how the careful selections in plan design, vendor selection, and employee education lead to positive outcomes for the organization.

** Note, the following two examples are hypothetical and do not reflect any actual client cases. Actual results may vary.

Professional Services (Medical, Dental, Legal, Accounting, Finance)

  1. Peter is a partner of a growing and profitable medical practice.
  2. Once hampered by student loans, he and his partners are looking to reduce their personal taxes while building their retirement nest eggs.
  3. Peter’s staff is young, educated, and demand a competitive retirement plan as part of their compensation and benefits package.
  4. Peter’s staff is tech savvy and has ready access to computers in and out of the work place.
  5. By understanding these and other factors of Peter’s business, Acorn recommended a Safe Harbor Match 401(k) Plan that includes a complex profit sharing allocation.
  6. The plan now enables Peter and his partners to defer the maximum legal amount into their accounts and make significant progress towards their personal financial goals.
  7. No longer a liability, the plan is a beneficial asset in attracting and retaining top talent through the use of the Safe Harbor Match, annual profit share, and competitive and flexible investment options.
  8. Employees take full advantage of online resources for account service and online education. Peter’s employees particularly appreciate the online seminar on student loan debt.

Manufacturing and Construction

  1. Michael owns and operates a busy machine shop.
  2. With Michael’s current plan he continually fails discrimination testing and is forced to withdraw prior year contributions to stay compliant.
  3. Michael’s employees vary in age, education, and some consider English a second language. Michael is particularly concerned he could lose his best managers to local competition.
  4. Michael’s employees primarily work with their hands and do not have access to a computer while at work.
  5. Understanding these and other factors, Acorn recommended a Safe Harbor Non-Elective 401(k) with an optional profit sharing feature to primarily motivate and reward his managers.
  6. By implementing the Safe Harbor feature, Michael was able to significantly increase his own contributions, provide a clearly stated benefit to his employees, and offer an incentive to his mangers to increase the company’s bottom line.
  7. In vendor selection, Acorn recommended a record-keeper who is able to provide bi-lingual on-site enrollment and education meetings.
  8. Employees take advantage of Acorn’s financial education through our annual on-site Financial Planning Day, and at home learn more about strengthening their finances through Acorn’s online financial education platform.

To learn more about how we partner with businesses please contact our dedicated Retirement Plan Consultant, Drew Hefflefinger, CFP®, at or by phone at (603) 816-3404.

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